Body Treatments

Here at Advanced Rejuvenation Clinic we provide a variety of body treatments. Each client is treated as an individual with their ow particular needs and requirements. We aim to provide a complete service in a calm and relaxing environment. We appreciate our clients privacy and can provide local transportation to and from the clinic with our driver. We also have a discreet entrance to the rear of the clinic. Here are some of the exclusive body treatments available;

Body Skin Rejuvenation … Delete the damage

The treatment removes the damage of ageing caused by the sun. It works on uneven skin tone, solar keratosis, pigmented, freckled and unevenly coloured skin .We remove damage and rebuild; we stimulate circulation and include lymphatic drainage to give an internal shower. This treatment results in new fresh firm skin, restoring skin strength and suppleness. Includes lymphatic drainage.

Bust Treatment and Upper Arm

Much can be done to firm and tone the elastic tissue which supports the bust. We combine treatments with our body toning technology and homeopathic products and finish off with our heated mineral bust mask. This one hour treatment is relaxing and gives excellent results on an often neglected area. A must after weight loss, and for sun bed users. This is a recommended pre-holiday treatment for topless sunbathers.

Hand & Arm Lift and Skin Rejuvenation

This is a programme that can be customised for you. You may like the treatment for anti-ageing or just as a single treatment to improve the look of your arms when wearing that special dress. This treatment is used to get rid of those ‘gardener’s hands’ or to rejuvenate, lift and firm your arms and improve skin texture.

To enhance even further, we can remove dead cells using micro dermabrasion and enzymes to rebuild and stimulate natural collagen. If lumps and bumps are present on upper arms we can smooth these away for you and by using micro-technology we can improve your muscle tone to re-define the shape of your arms and firm arms where they are flabby using radio frequency and ultra sound.

We can help to restore your hands and arms to their former glory by using impulse light therapy (IPL) to remove age spots. The fee for IPL is additional and depends on the size of the area to be treated.
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Computerised Treatment for the Back

Back and stress massage uses the latest medical technology to give a precise treatment to relieve stress and back problems. Includes hot towel back roll.

A computerised sciatica treatment is available on request.

Electromagnetic Wave Therapy

Our electromagnetic wave therapy machine uses the precise frequencies and intensities of magnetic waves needed to re-polarize any cell in the body. When traumatised, cells are re-polarized. We reduce inflammation, pain, swelling and infection. Electromagnetic wave therapy also helps to reduce stress almost immediately. Stress is one of the prime causes of accelerated ageing.

Acne sufferers also benefit from this therapy as it re-polarizes the cells of the hypothalamus gland and liver, both of which are associated with acne and other skin dermatitis.

Electronic Wave Therapy – Slimming & Toning Treatment

This slimming treatment uses specially developed electronic wave shapes to provide  immediate, verifiable results. Treatments are effective but comfortable. This technology is used in our body toning and cellulite programmes

Electronic Wave Treatment – Lymphatic Draining for Body Detoxification

This treatment is like a shower for your inside. It works wonderfully in conjunction with our slimming treatments and is excellent as a free standing treatment for detoxification.


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