Numerous case studies have shown that with LPG Medical Endermologie® circulation is increased, collagen function is restored, lymphatic drainage is boosted, resulting in the elimination of toxins through the body’s own system.  As the connective fibres are stretched the skin and surrounding tissues are firmed, toned and smoothed.  The amount of treatment sessions depends on the area, problem and person to be treated; this will be discussed at your initial consultation and will be reviewed during the course of treatment.  For treating cellulite, an initial course of 10 treatments is recommended, with a maintenance program of one session every four weeks.  You should allow approximately fifty minutes to one hour per session.  This allows sufficient time for the therapist to discuss any issues with you and for you to change into your Endermowear, ready for treatment.

Post Natal

Pregnancy is accompanied with weight gain, hormonal changes, changes in body shape and contours.

After childbirth you may be left with cellulite, localised excess fat, circulatory problems (swollen legs) and saggy skin (around the stomach, hips and thighs) or in some cases a caesarean scar.  LPG Endermologie® is ideal for helping you to regain your pre-pregnancy figure.  Studies have shown that it helps accelerate lymphatic drainage, aids circulation, reduces water retention and can help slim down those flabby areas.  It also helps firm and tone the skin whilst providing a relaxing and tension relieving massage.

LPG Endermologie® can also help with scarring from a caesarian birth as it prevents or treats any tissue barrier causing the accumulation of fat or fluid stasis.  The scar and surrounding area will be treated to help reduce any ‘puckering’ of the skin; fatty build up around the tummy or scar and loose or sagging skin.  It is not able to reduce the redness of the scar, only time and specific lotions can help this.  Please note that the scar cannot be treated until approximately six months after surgery as the wound needs sufficient time to heal.

An intial free consultation is given.

Pre and Post Lipo Surgery


The majority of surgical operations have immediate, well-known repercussions; oedema, bruising, pain, stiffness, the beginning of the healing process.  The LPG® Technique works against fibrosis and stimulates the arteriovenous and lymphatic flow, helping to decongest the tissues and encourage high quality healing.  It’s early application may allow a reduction in the significance and duration of the immediate surgical after-effects.  Aside from it’s beneficial post-operative action on the trio of ‘oedema, bruising and scarring’, the LPG® technique also contributes to reducing the appearance of residual ‘orange peel skin’ for which liposuction is ineffective.

On the other hand, the use of the LPG® Technique before liposuction surgery is sometimes useful for better preparing the tissues by giving them increased suppleness thereby facilitating the passage of the cannula.  The nature of this preventive approach is to sensibly reduce the after-affects of surgery and encourage the achievement of the expected aesthetic results.

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