Organic Salt and Cream Scrub

Let your body choose the essence it hungers.  This wonderful body scrub is a combination of skin peeling, care and aromatherapy.  Fine crystals of sea salt ensure gentle peeling without abrasion and remove dead skin particles.  Aromatic oils revitalise body, mind and soul.

Swedish Body Massage

This traditional massage is one hour of pure bliss; relaxing and soothing.

Heavenly – 2½ hour treatment

This uniquely idyllic face and body treatment commences with a twelve minute ceremony, in which you can enjoy a relaxing blossom footbath, savour a herbal tea, and experience a relaxing head and ear massage.  Choose your intent … relax, uplift, inspire as you decide your preferred ritual and select from a range of essential oils.

Continue your journey as you are lead into a sea of deep relaxation via stimulation of the energy points.  Relax in a total state of euphoria as you feel the effect of precious ingredients during your facial treatment massage.  Enjoy your radiant, even and youthful appearance which the heavenly mask creates.

Experience the effects of the exotic body peeling which refines the skin’s structure and optimises it’s moisture content.  Immerse yourself in a total state of relaxation as you enjoy a body massage incorporating a fusion of several massage techniques.  This unforgettable skin care experience gives the skin an incomparably velvety and smooth sensation.

Cashmere and Silk – 1½ hour treatment

A holistic pampering experience for body, spirit and soul.  Precious silk proteins, a captivating scent and shimmering pigments envelop your body in a dream of a thousand and one nights.  Enjoy a gently stimulating dry peeling with silk gloves which prime the skin.  Then close your eyes and drift off as we wrap you in our luxurious cashmere body mask which nourishes the skin.  While this takes effect, relax as we use our crystals to give you a unique facial massage experience.  Discover the beauty of soft skin as precious silk powder caresses you to complete an unforgettable experience, leaving your body feeling rehydrated, silky smooth and beautifully fragranced.

Fitness Wrap

This is instant-action body shaping.  The body silhouette looks slimmer and contours are firmed as this wrap draws off waste products produced in the body and simultaneously supplies the skin with valuable minerals and trace elements.  It firms the skin after weight reduction or pregnancy and reduces fluid accumulations.  This wrap also reduces the visibility of spider veins and scars.


Milk and Honey Body Conditioning

Use this to firm your skin.  This treatment wrap leaves the skin velvety soft in a single treatment.  Recommended for sunburned skin.  The cocktail of active ingredients restores skin balance and suppleness, and revitalises the very dry and sensitive areas of the body.  This is a luxurious body care experience.

One hour treatment includes crystal facial massage.

Ultimate Body Relaxation – a walk in the park

Body massage combined with oxygen inhalation – a relaxing and breathtaking experience.

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