Get your body in shape with Fat Away PLUS

There is a bombardment of daily adverts about body contouring, slimming and fat away treatments which promise a smoother, svelter figure.  It can be extremely confusing, frustrating and costly choosing a  treatment  which works for you.

At Advanced Rejuvenation Clinic we have designed a unique ‘Fat Away PLUS’ treatment which  incorporates FDA Licenced Medical Lasers combined with other high tech equipment to safely eliminate fat.    Clients receive an individual programme tailored to suit their specific needs.  We have developed Fat Away PLUS to create a  relaxing experience that does not have the risk of any associated pain.  The FDA approved medical laser releases fat from the fat cells, without damaging them and in addition increases dermal collagen.

Fat Away Plus can:-

  • eliminate fat resistant to diet and exercise
  • recontour the body, tighten and tone loose skin (perfect for flabby arms)
  • eliminate a double chin
  • eliminate cellulite

Below are a few of the many testimonials we have received from clients who have been delighted with their ‘Fat Away PLUS’ results;-

“There is not a treatment like this on the market!  It’s all non-surgical and with each visit, Rita made a tailored adjustment to reshape my body.  With Rita’s approach and nutritional advice, I have gradually shrunk from a size 16 to a size 8/10.  We get blasé about advertising slogans: ‘You will never need to diet again.’  Well, with this programme it is true, I eat more now than I ever did!”

“I have never been so small before.”

“I can’t believe my waistline is sooooo small.”

“This treatment hasn’t just slimmed me down, it has rebuilt and contoured my whole body.”

“At last I can wear skinny jeans.”

“I’ve got a waistline for the first time in 20 years”.