Treatments for lines and wrinkles

Treatments for lines and wrinkles available at Advanced Rejuvenation Clinic are performed by our Maxillofacial Surgeon who has extensive experience of reconstructing facial disfigurement, deformity and skin problems. With over thirty years experience as a Doctor in this field and almost twenty years of providing facial aesthetic treatments in private practice, he offers an expert holistic approach to the management of the ageing face.   Within the practice, our Maxillofacial surgeon provides a broad range of innovative, evidence-based medical and surgical treatments to slow down the ageing process, turning back the ageing clock, by counteracting the effects of gravity, sunlight and the environment; techniques that will rejuvenate, restore lost volume and lift sagging tissues. From ‘injectable’ treatments to office-based, minor surgical procedures under Local anaesthetic, a customised management plan will be devised to meet your needs and your budget.

Advanced Rejuvenation Clinic’s Wrinkle Reducing treatments are one of the most asked for non-surgical anti-ageing treatments. Botox® is injected into the muscles to relax them and reduce, soften wrinkles. The selective placement of Botox® injections not only smooths the lines but lifts facial structures for example, the eyebrows or the corner of the mouth as in the “antigravity programme’ or the “Nefertiti non-surgical neck and jaw-line lift”.   Particular areas which benefit from Botox® treatment are;

  • Forehead lines and creases between the brows
  • Crow’s feet and laughter lines
  • Frown lines and wrinkles
  • Wrinkly chin
  • eliminating excessive perspiration from arm pits and feet

Skin appearance is further improved by reducing the activity of sweat and sebaceous glands with Micro-Botox® treatment.

An initial consultation is required before deciding on any treatment.  This is provided free of charge and will focus upon an understanding of your requirements; the taking of a comprehensive medical history; an examination of the skin, photographs and discussion around the available treatments. Our intention is to create an individualised treatment plan which meets not only your current concerns but looks after you through the coming years.  New clients will be encouraged to undergo a joint consultation with Rita Vandaele.   Rita has always recognised that each client is unique; she has carefully customised her treatments to suit the needs of individual clients.   She uses her skills with amino acids, vitamins and enzymes and combines them with modern techniques and equipment to add a further dimension to her treatments.  Having Botox®  alone cannot give the youthful bloom of healthy skin.    At  Advanced Rejuvenation Clinic we use the medical experience of our highly qualified Maxillofacial Surgeon combined with the experience of Rita Vandaele to give you a customised treatment prescribed just for you!