We were the second clinic in the country to perform LPG Medical Endermologie®  many many years ago!  Technique and method were expertly taught and are key in this treatment!

LPG Medical Endermologie® is an ideal treatment for reducing cellulite. It increases circulation, restores collagen function and boosts lymphatic drainage which aids in the elimination of toxins through the body’s own systems. The connective fibres are stretched firming, toning and smoothing surrounding tissues and skin.  The amount of LPG Medical Endermologie®  sessions required depends on the area to be treated. For treating cellulite, we would initially recommend a course of 10 treatments with a maintenance program of one session every four weeks. The duration of a LPG Medical Endermologie® session is between fifty minutes to an hour.

Here at Advanced Rejuvention Clinic we also perform LPG Medical Endermologie® facials.  We combine this with our personalised facial rejuvenation treatments.  This treatment is ideal for loose skin and post surgery.

LPG Medical Endermologie® is also a great treatment post pregnancy.  After childbirth you may have been left with cellulite, excess fat, circulatory problems and saggy skin particularly around the stomach, hips and thighs.  LPG Medical Endermologie® is ideal for helping you to regain your pre-pregnancy figure.  Studies have shown that it helps accelerate lymphatic drainage, aids circulation, reduces water retention and can help slim down those flabby areas helping to tone and firm the skin.

LPG Medical Endermologie® can also help with scarring from a caesarean birth.  It can be used to treat the scar and surrounding area in order to reduce any ‘puckering’ of the skin, fatty build up around the tummy or scar and loose or sagging skin.  Scarring from a caesarean birth can only be treated approximately six months after surgery.

LPG Medical Endermologie®  can also help you pre and post lipo surgery.   It works against fibrosis and stimulates the arteriovenous and lymphatic flow, helping to decongest the tissues and encourage high quality healing.  LPG Medical Endermologie®   can also help to reduce the appearance of ‘orange peel skin’ for which liposuction is ineffective.

We offer free consultations to any clients interested in LPG Medical Endermologie® .