Andrew Stassi, Semi Permanent Make up Expert, is a member of our team of experts here at Advanced Rejuvenation Clinic.  Andrew is a specialist in the field of micropigmentation otherwise known as semi-permanent cosmetics, semi-permanent make-up and permanent make-up.   He has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience and has trained with the highest accredited educators, pioneers and manufacturers in the field and has been awarded an array of qualifications. He has been featured in the national press and other major glossy magazines, both industry and consumer.

His semi-permanent eyebrows have to be seen to be believed!  The image above is a photograph of one of Andrew’s creations for a client who previously had no eyebrows at all.

Andrew’s semi-permanent make-up procedures include:-

  • Eyebrows – hair stroke brows or high power brows
  • Eyelash enhancement, eyeliner – subtle, thick, latino
  • Lipliner, lipliner and shading, full lip colouring
  • Areola correction and recolouring
  • Scalp micropigmentation/hairline recreation
  • Alopecia
  • Vitiligo (including lips)
  • Scar camouflage

Semi-permanent makeup which is technically referred to as micropigmentation is a procedure where particles of inert iron oxide pigments are implanted into the dermal layers of the skin. This procedure which is used to enhance facial features such as eyebrows or lips, is achieved with the use of specialist equipment. The equipment incorporates a single use disposable needle which penetrates the skin in what is basically a tattooing process. The implantation depth varies approximately between 1mm and 2mm according to which facial features are enhanced. The procedure takes approximately 1 hour and topical anaesthetic cream is applied to make it more comfortable.

The effects of semi-permanent makeup can remain in the skin between one and three years and sometimes longer.