skin resurfacing

Whilst fillers can plump out the skin and create the much needed volume you may have lost over time,  they cannot generate the ‘glow of youth’.   Skin ageing is reversible with skin resurfacing.  Skin resurfacing deletes the damage created by the environment, lifestyle and the ageing process.  At Advanced Rejuvenation Clinic we have over 40 years experience of deleting skin damage to face and body.  Our skin resurfacing treatment works on uneven skin tone, solar keratosis, broken capillaries, pigmented, freckled and unevenly coloured skin to create flawless, luminous skin.  We have a vast array of technology which we expertly combine with the latest medical FDA licenced lasers to correct and stimulate the skin.

Advanced Rejuvenation Clinic also offer skin resurfacing treatments for the body which remove damage and rebuild.  Pigmentation, uneven skin tone and freckles can all be removed.  Our treatments stimulate circulation and include lymphatic drainage to give your body an internal shower.  This treatment results in new fresh firm skin, restoring skin strength and suppleness.

Our skin resurfacing experience offers remarkable results!