Fat Away PLUS – The non-invasive laser fat reduction programme

Fat Away PLUS has become one of the most requested treatments at Advanced Rejuvenation Wilmslow. This non-invasive bespoke fat reduction service has been designed to treat each individual’s particular needs. Rita Vandalae founded her first clinic in 1977, as early as the 1980’s Rita recognised the advantages of light therapy and now works with the latest FDA approved lasers to sculpt and mould your body. The fat away plus programme also includes the use of other high tech equipment to provide a more contoured and redefined shape.

Image: Case study of client’s results during fat reduction treatment.

We all have that stubborn area/s that seems resistant to diet or exercise, Fat Away PLUS has been designed to target these areas. Providing the client with remarkable results.

If you’re looking for a tummy tuck without the actual surgery, Advanced Rejuvenation’s unique Fat Away PLUS programme is an excellent alternative. We treat each client individually and their body as a whole. For many people no matter how much they exercise and diet, there are areas of their body that simply won’t ‘let go’ of excess fat. With Fat Away PLUS, We use FDA approved lasers to target the most stubborn areas, the laser effectively ‘emulsifies fatty tissue’ so the fat can be then be naturally disposed of by the body.  This alternative fat loss treatment is non-invasive and has none of the side effects associated with surgical procedures such as liposuction.

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Fat Away Plus