Rita Vandaele M.G.P.B.T
Associate Member, Royal Society of Medicine

Remembering Rita

It is with great regret that we have to share the sad news that our beloved Rita passed away on Sunday, 17th March.

She was an inspiration to all of us in terms of being kind, honourable and truly authentic. A shining light we will always miss and who has left an everlasting impression on all our lives.

Rita graduated at The Institute Boué, Brussels, Belgium in 1976. She returned to England and founded her first clinic in Cheshire in 1977.  Rita Vandaele has studied therapies from all over the world in the field of amino-acids and the use of vitamins and enzymes in skin revision. Rita lectured around Europe and her lectures in Norway and Poland were particularly well received.  Rita specialised in acne treatments. Having suffered herself with acne she undertook research into the condition and derived much pleasure in seeing her clients’ skin improve and their confidence restored without the use of harsh drugs and the trauma of scarring.

Her legacy will live on.