Rita Vandaele welcomes you to Advanced Rejuvenation. We set out to make your experience one of relaxation and change. We have 40 years experience and have chosen and developed many wonderful treatments which will not only change how you look and feel, but which you will find a most enjoyable experience.

Our treatments are customised to address any concerns you may have. Anti-ageing of both the face and the body are addressed in our clinic. We treat many aspects, including pigmentation, stretchmarks and scarring, as well as thread veins, using impulse light therapy, together with laser. We have developed over the years a combination of treatments which produce truly excellent results including our advanced cosmetic procedures.

Rita Vandaele has always recognised that each client is unique and has carefully customised her treatments to suit each individual client’s needs. She prefers not to treat the face and body as a whole but has always dealt with each area as a section to be dealt with individually using her skill with amino acids, vitamins and enzymes which she combines with modern techniques and equipment to add a further dimension to her treatments.

Our skin is our largest organ, it is what every one sees. Having plastic surgery alone cannot give the youthful bloom of healthy skin.The combination of surgery with non surgical treatments produces a wonderful partnership in the fight against ageing. At The Advanced Rejuvenation Clinic we use the medical experience of our highly qualified doctors combined with the non surgical experience of Rita Vandaele to give you a total experience an individual treatment prescribed just for you.

The Advanced Rejuvenation Clinic uses the latest techniques and is at the forefront of the profession. The clinic has a policy of constant training and advancement to remain a leader in the field of advanced rejuvenation. Combining the conventional with the holistic to rejuvenate both internally and externally, the clinic includes the use of holistic treatments to give a feeling of relaxation and balance. We do not turn our back on therapies that have been used for thousands of years. Instead, we incorporate these into today’s treatments and combine the old with the new to create a cutting edge experience.