General Body Treatments

General body treatments at Advanced Rejuvenation are customised to individual client’s needs. Our treatments include body fat reduction, cellulite removal, detoxification and tightening of skin. We specialise in body skin rejuvenation reducing the damage of ageing caused by the sun. We incorporate the latest technology in all our treatments using FDA licensed medical lasers.

Body Rejuvenation — Delete the Damage

The treatment removes the damage of ageing caused by the sun. It works on uneven skin tone, solar keratosis, pigmented, freckled and unevenly coloured skin .We remove damage and rebuild; we stimulate circulation and include lymphatic drainage to give an internal shower. This treatment results in new fresh firm skin, restoring skin strength and suppleness. Includes lymphatic drainage..

Bust Treatment and Upper Arm

Much can be done to firm and tone the elastic tissue which supports the bust. We combine treatments with our body toning technology and homeopathic products and finish off with our heated mineral bust mask. This one hour treatment is relaxing and gives excellent results on an often neglected area. A must after weight loss, and for sun bed users. This is a recommended pre-holiday treatment for topless sunbathers.

Hand and Arm Lift and Skin Rejuvenation

This is a programme that can be customised for you. You may like the treatment for anti-ageing or just as a single treatment to improve the look of your arms when wearing that special dress. This treatment is used to get rid of those ‘gardener’s hands’ or to rejuvenate, lift and firm your arms and improve skin texture.

To enhance even further, we remove dead cells using enzymes to rebuild and stimulate natural collagen. If lumps and bumps are present on upper arms we can smooth these away for you. By using micro-technology we can improve your muscle tone to re-define the shape of your arms. Additionally we can firm arms where they are flabby using radio frequency and ultra sound.

We can help to restore your hands and arms to their former glory by using impulse light therapy (IPL) to remove age spots. The fee for IPL is additional and depends on the size of the area to be treated.

Electronic Wave Therapy

Slimming and Toning

This slimming treatment uses specially developed electronic wave shapes to provide immediate, verifiable results. Treatments are effective but comfortable. This technology is used in our body toning and cellulite programmes.

The above treatment is combined with Electronic Wave Toning.

Computerised Treatment for Back

The Computerised treatment for backs uses the latest medical technology to give a precise treatment to relieve stress and back problems. Includes hot towel back roll.

A computerised sciatica treatment is available on request

Pricing Explained

Body treatments are customised to suit individual client needs. Before you book any body treatments we recommend a free consultation to assess your exact requirements. Together we can discuss your areas of concern and give you a bespoke treatment plan and price.

Body Skin Rejuvenation - delete the damage


Bust Treatment & Upper Arm


Hand & Arm lift & Skin Rejuvenation

Price Upon Consultation

Electronic Wave Treatment - Slimming & Toning


Computerised Treatment for Back


Electromagnetic Wave Therapy


Electronic Wave Treatment - Lymphatic Drainage for Body Detoxification