Reiki with Crystal Therapy

Reiki is both a safe and simple form of therapy often referred to as “hands on” healing. The premise of Reiki is that the body is made up of energy and when this energy becomes “blocked” either through stress or trauma, disease follows. A Reiki treatment gently brings balance back to the body, allowing the body’s miraculous self-healing abilities to work, thus promoting health & wellness. More than any other treatment, Reiki works on the subtle energy centres within the body known as “chakras”.

Your healing starts here in one of our beautiful treatment rooms with lit candles, gentle ambient music plays as you relax on the therapy bed. This setting is designed to relax your mind and put you into a receptive healing state.

To enhance and aid a Reiki treatment, crystals are used on the chakra energy centres. Each treatment is tailor-made to your needs. Your experience of Reiki will be one of total relaxation of body, mind and spirit. In that state of complete relaxation, deepened by the Reiki energy, healing takes place.

Sea Escape Stone Facial and Body Treatment

Promotes anti-ageing and wellness – rejuvenates, tones, and firms the skin, relieves tension and stress and improves overall well-being; also stimulates lymphatic drainage.

This facial treatment combines stone therapy for face and body with a facial that will make you feel like you have had a day on the beach. The final part of the treatment makes you feel as if you are being kissed by the heat of the sun.

To commence the experience, warm stones are applied to the face and body and the experience begins.

For clients who enjoy the warming and therapeutic benefits of stone therapy we can incorporate them into many of our other treatments if you so wish.

Thermal Aurical Therapy

(Hopi Ear Candles)

This therapy dates back to Egyptian, Chinese and native American cultures. The warm, dry smoke draws out excess wax and toxic debris from inside the ears and eustachian tubes, relieving pressure. Long, tapered cones are inserted into the ears and lit. The natural infection-fighting properties of the beeswax and herbal essences infuse into the inner ear spiralling down into the eustachian tube. The entire process is relaxing and non-invasive. Ear coning can improve hearing, balance, vision, taste and smell as it clears the congestion which can hamper the effectiveness of the sense. Ear coning can detoxify the sinuses and so can help prevent earaches, chronic headaches and in some cases even allergies such as hay fever. Relax as we conclude this treatment with an ear pressure point massage

Ayus Lomi

This is a unique enchanting Aquaveda experience. The massage of face and body has the added experience of warm oil gently falling onto the forehead. The effect of this two hour treatment on the face has been likened to the effect of Botox without needles! The feeling of deep relaxation and balance soothes all the tension from the face and body.

Pricing Explained

We offer gift vouchers which may be purchased and used towards treatments. This scheme is popular for birthdays and anniversaries enabling the recipient to enjoy treatments of their choice.

Regular clients may wish to leave a list of treatments at the salon so friends or relatives can choose a gift knowing it is especially welcome.

Why not buy the bride or the groom a holistic treatment to relax before the big day. Gift vouchers and products can be mailed along with a greeting.

Reiki with Crystal Therapy


Sea Escape Stone, Facial & Body Treatment


Thermal Aurical Therapy (Hopi Ear Candles)


Ayus Lomi