Skin Peel Selection

At Advanced Rejuvenation the important part of your medi skin peel treatment starts from the moment you begin. Only by giving you a detailed consultation assessing your face, body or both, can we begin to prescribe your individual package.

We customise this peel to suit various conditions such as scarring and pigmentation. This latest technology combines anti-aging peptides with deep peeling. Our facial skin peel is non irritating which makes it suitable for sensitive skins (including those with acne). The method we use will:-

  • Reduce fine lines around the mouth and eye area
  • Age spot reduction
  • Pigmentation
  • Treatment of certain types of acne
  • Treating the appearance of mild scarring
  • Treating the appearance of wrinkles due to both environmental and hereditary factors
  • Improving the appearance and texture of the skin

Our method is such that it becomes a very individual treatment just for you and can be used on body and face.

Six Layer Peel

The Six Layer Peel is a more invasive and dramatic peeling procedure. The package includes a pre-peel treatment, products for home use before and during the peel, a lift off treatment and a nourishing end of treatment massage.

Pricing Explained

Our Medi Skin Peels are customised to suit individual client needs. Before you book this treatment we recommend a free consultation to assess your exact requirements. Together we can discuss your areas of concern and give you a bespoke treatment plan and price.

Medi Skin Peels

from £120

What They’re Saying

I visited Rita for help clearing up scarring left by acne, which I suffered with as a teenager. Previously I'd tried antibiotics and nearly every type of medication available on the NHS, but nothing seemed to work. Rita's treatment got rid of my acne without leaving any scarring whatsoever and to look at me you'd never know that I once suffered from severe skin problems. The boost to my confidence has been massive. I feel so much more confident, both at work and when going out. Thanks Rita!

Peter Client suffered from scarring and acne