Deluxe Organic Manicure or Pedicure

These truly holistic Deluxe manicure and pedicure treatments contain exquisite subtle fragrances with therapeutic benefits that work to harmoniously balance the chakras. This nail treatment will cleanse, soften, shape, exfoliate, nourish and polish hands, feet and nails. Calm your mind and focus on the inspiring scent of Lavender as the ceremony opens. Enjoy your journey as your hands, nails and cuticles are cleansed with a harmonising Italian Mandarin oil soak.

Choose your intent … relax, uplift, inspire as you decide your preferred ritual. Select from a range of mineral salt scrubs infused with essential oils. These are blended with a deeply nourishing affirming mask featuring wildcrafted Indonesian Ginger essential oil to gently exfoliate hands and feet.

On completion of your treatment you can relax and enjoy the warmth of the hot mittens for your hands or feet followed by a soothing massage which will leave your hands, arms or feet and nails and cuticles moisturised and conditioned. Finish your experience as you choose from a variety of nail lacquer colours on offer. We offer a range vegan manicure products including lacquers which are free of DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde.

Gel Nail Manicure

Our Gel Nail Manicure includes file and cuticle work followed by the application of gel nails . We use high quality semi-permanent gel to overlay the natural nail to give long lasting results. Say goodbye to the harsh buffing associated with other nail applications. A high quality polish with colour is used over the gel overlay.

Shellac Manicure

Advanced Rejuvenation’s Shellac Manicure includes file and cuticle work followed by the application of Shellac semi-permanent polish. This nail treatment is a more durable option than regular manicures. This is because the Shellac product contains nail polish and gel. It is applied similarly to nail polish on your natural nail and is cured through UV lighting.

Ladies on the Go Manicure or Pedicure

Advanced Rejuvenation’s ‘Ladies on the Go’ manicure or pedicure is the perfect nail treatment for busy ladies who want beautiful nails. This manicure or pedicure includes file and cuticle work followed by the application of nail polish. Choose from a variety of nail lacquer colours and brands on offer. We offer a range of Chanel nail polishes as well as a variety of vegan polishes which are free of DBP, Toulene and Formaldehyde.

Gift Vouchers

We offer gift vouchers which may be purchased and used towards treatments. This scheme is popular for birthdays and anniversaries enabling the recipient to enjoy treatments of their choice.

Regular clients may wish to leave a list of treatments at the salon so friends or relatives can choose a gift knowing it is especially welcome.

Why not treat the bride or the groom to a beautiful manicure for their special day and don’t forget the bridesmaids. Gift vouchers and products can be mailed along with a greeting.

Deluxe Manicure or Pedicure


Deluxe Manicure or Pedicure & Shellac


Ladies on the Go Manicure


Ladies on the Go Pedicure


File & Polish


Gel Manicure - File, Cuticles & Gel Overlay


Gel Polish Add On


Gel Polish Soak Off


Shellac Manicure - File, Cuticles & Polish