Fat Away Plus

With so many body contouring and slimming treatments flooding the market today, it can often prove to be extremely difficult and confusing to choose a treatment that suits and works. We have designed the unique “Fat Away PLUS” treatment exclusive to Advanced Rejuvenation, using a combination of procedures to address every aspect of your body concerns, If your body shape, cellulite, flabby skin or fat are an issue we can customise a series of treatments to give you a complete, new, slimmer and toned silhouette.

Each client receives an individual programme tailored to suit their specific needs. We have developed Fat Away PLUS to create a relaxing experience that does not have the risk of any associated pain. This dynamic FDA licenced treatment incorporates the use of our FDA approved medical laser which releases fat from the fat cells, without damaging them. In addition it increasing dermal collagen. We combine it with other state of the art equipment exclusive to Advanced Rejuvenation, which together can:-

  • Eliminate fat resistant to diet and exercise
  • Recontour the body, tighten and tone loose skin (perfect for flabby arms)
  • Eliminate a double chin
  • Eliminate cellulite

Rita Vandaele has almost 40 years experience and pioneered cellulite treatments at a time when most doctors didn’t recognise it as a concern. Spot areas such as chin, arms and tummy can be addressed, alternatively we can carry out a full body experience, including loose skin and cellulite.

We are the ‘MASTERS’ of body sculpting, not only recreating a beautiful body but giving it a marble smooth finish.

Pricing Explained

An initial consultation is required before deciding on any treatment.  This is provided free of charge and will focus upon an understanding of your requirements; the taking of a comprehensive medical history; an examination of the skin, photographs and discussion around the treatment options. Our intention is to create an individualised treatment plan which meets your concerns.

Fat Away Plus

Price Upon Consultation